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Concordia - Evolutionary Communications

Concordia is a communications platform that empowers UK businesses to connect with their customer base by sending and receiving SMS, Voice Calls, Postal Mail and more through a highly innovative, unified API.

The service is particularly suitable for UK businesses that need to deliver mission or time critical communications to customers, such as secure verification codes, order updates or reminders. After completing a one-time integration with Concordia, your apps will be able to send and receive multiple forms of communication reliably and securely.

Integration SDKs are available in C, Java, Ruby, PHP and ASP.

Text Messaging (SMS)

SMS has been around for over 20 years, and has grown to become the most popular form of communication in the UK, surpassing phone calls and even face-to-face communication. Despite much talk of the so-called demise of SMS and the ever increasing use of free instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, text message traffic is still increasing and it is predicted that in 2016, 9.4 trillion SMS will be sent, a 19% year-on-year increase since 2011.

TeslaOne has direct relationships with the major UK mobile networks and is able to ensure that all messages are delivered speedily and securely. In fact, we currently deliver 98% of UK messages within 3 seconds.

Concordia supports two-way text messaging, custom sender names and delivery reports, and unlike many of our competitors, we only charge our customers for successfully delivered messages.


Voice Calls

Make and receive voice calls through an API and dynamically control the call in real-time. You can play an audio file, divert the call, record the call, generate text to speech and more. The API will also notify your app each time a key is pressed which makes it easy for you to build interactive voice services using any programming language.

In addition to providing the core API functionality, we are also able to supply you with phone numbers in any UK area code as well as non-geographic and freephone numbers. We can also provide memorable numbers on request.


Postal Mail

Concordia offers an alternative mail service that allows you to send physical letters directly from your app to any UK address. It’s a forward thinking and practical way of printing and posting that saves you both time and money.

The Concordia API simply requires a UK recipient address and a PDF file from your application. This data is then validated and routed to a printing facility where it is printed, prepared for posting and then handed over to Royal Mail for delivery the very next morning (providing your letter is submitted to the API before 2pm).

We have a partnership with one of the UK’s largest printers with printing facilities in more than 20 major UK cities. This allows us to route your letter via a secure IP connection to the printing facility closest to the recipient postcode where the letter is printed locally. In doing this, and removing the need for Royal Mail to transport letters across the country, which is very costly, we benefit from heavily discounted delivery rates which we then pass on to you.

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Concordia is currently available to select businesses with specific use cases and minimum volume levels.

If you would like to discuss Concordia please do get in touch with us.

Contact us on (+44) 02035 999 999 or hello@teslaone.com