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TeslaVoice - Hosted VoIP PBX for Small Businesses

TeslaVoice is a fully-featured, all-inclusive VoIP PBX service designed for small businesses with up to 5 people.

With TeslaVoice you can create SIP extensions for all of your staff and allocate real phone numbers to them, as well as configure a wide range of really useful features such as IVR menus, call queues and conferencing. These really useful features, often described as 'premium' by other providers, are all included as standard with TeslaVoice.

As TeslaVoice is a hosted service (sometimes referred to as “cloud”), you don’t need to buy any PBX hardware. All you will need is a SIP phone for each person using the service, or you can use an adaptor that turns any standard phone in to a SIP phone. You may also use our mobile apps if you wish (available for iOS and Android).

The TeslaVoice package includes 5 SIP extensions and 5 phone numbers, as well as unlimited usage of features.

The fully inclusive feature set for a fixed monthly fee of just £25, along with some truly outstanding call rates, such as 1p to landlines and 4p to mobiles, positions TeslaVoice as a very sensible option for your business.

There are also no contract commitments or notice periods - you may cancel your account at any time.

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